NVI Infotech offers enterprise software solutions for different type of businesses. These business solutions will give Out-Of-Box experience and it will help our customers to run their business better and lead the way in their industry type.

The business solutions are designed in such a way, where the customer can customize and modify it. So that the way of look and behave will change according to the customer's needs. IT helps our customers to reduce the time and money which they spend to run their business.

The business solutions that we currently offer are:

  1. Campus Management System for Educational Institutions - Campro Plus

  2. ERP Solution for Hospitals - Hospital Plus

  3. Inventory and Invoice Solution - IIM Plus

  4. ERP Solution for Enterprise Management - E2M Plus
Campro Plus is designed to automate the entire operations and activities of educational institutions. It has a handle on all the features relevant to the educational institutions.

The main aim of this software solution is to put back the physical document works by providing a paper free management system, end to end. Read more...